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When Ravens and Crows are flocking, hundreds of noisy pests birds can  take over trees and buildings, creating tremendous amounts of noise while harassing people and animals.

Another Raven & Crows problem is their dropping which can lead to structural damage to your property. 

The bacteria, fungal agents and parasites in Raven & Crows feces is a very serious health risk for humans and their pets. Several thousand people a year become infected by "VALLEY FEVER" with the vast majority of them displaying flu-like symptoms. Some however, display serious symptoms causing death or long hospitalization.

Description of our Pigeon Control Service


- Remove nest, eggs etc.

- Bag bulk bird waste

- Power wash roof, pop-outs, walk - and driveway, etc.

- Disinfect, sanitize and spray for parasites

- Eliminate harborage areas (screen and/or use of cat-claw spikes)

- Eliminate drinking and feeding habits (wherever possible)

- Apply BIRD HOT FOOT, 4 THE BIRDS, BIRD X and/or equivalent (to break territorial habits)

- Other methods may be used to achieve optimum results (life trapping , baiting etc.)

- Warranty - entire roof​

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​Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly but are acidic and can cause damage to buildings and machinery. Nesting material, droppings and feathers can block gutters and air vents.

The pigeons carry a range of diseases, some of which may be transmitted to humans. They also carry mites which can cause skin diseases and dust from the feathers can cause respiratory problems. Pigeons and their droppings can cause over 60 diseases or illnesses.

LIC. 8166 BC 

​Ravens & Crows Damages and Dangers

- Ravens & Crows

Woodpecker Problems and  Damage


Woodpeckers forage for insects by prying or drilling into wood for different types of beetles, larvae or other pests.

If the insects are feeding on the wood structure of your house contact ​WINTER BROS PESTS INC. 

You need Pests Treatments to eliminate those insects will remove that tempting food source and cause Woodpeckers to feed elsewhere.

Drumming Behavior:

The Woodpecker ​advertise that nearby territory is claimed. 

Damage caused by this type of pecking is minimal but may lead to additional problems, and the constant noise can be frustrating.


Woodpeckers are cavity-nesting birds that require a hollowed out nesting site.

- Pigeons

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- Woodpecker